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Why do I need a dental crown after a root canal?

We recommend root canal therapy in our Parsippany dental office when a deep infection puts a tooth at risk. Rather than opting for an extraction and tooth replacement, root canal treatment can actually save your tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

Root canal treatment removes the infection, bacteria, and the soft inner part of the tooth – called the pulp. Because there is no longer a nutrition supply to the tooth, it can become brittle over time. A dental crown reinforces the tooth and provides strength for weakened teeth. A dental crown completely covers the tooth like a little helmet and absorbs much of the force caused by chewing.

Many people fear root canal treatment, but there is no reason to. Typically when an infection is present, it starts with pain and swelling. Root canal therapy relieves this pain. While it’s common to have some sensitivity for a couple of days, you will likely feel much improved after your procedure.

In some cases, we will seal the tooth with a filling, but when a root canal is on a back tooth, a crown may be the superior option. If you have questions about root canals or dental crowns, contact our Parsippany, NJ dental office to arrange an appointment. We are always happy to help.

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Congratulations Again Dr. Michael Gruber! 

Dr. Michael Gruber once again has been chosen by his peers in 2022 as a "Top Dentist" in the annual New Jersey Monthly Magazine poll. For the past 15 consecutive years, he is only one of two General Dentists in the entire State of New Jersey to achieve this accomplishment!