Botox and Juvederm

At Gruber Dental, we take cosmetics and giving our patients their best smile to the next level by offering Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm treatments.   

Dr. Michael Gruber has been specially trained and certified to offer Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm Filler and has extensive experience in performing these procedures over many years.  

Juvederm is an injectable gel filler used to instantly correct moderate to severe wrinkles around your mouth and nose areas in adults over 21 years of age. With just one treatment, you will achieve smooth and natural-looking results that last from 4 months to one year.  To learn more about Juvederm, please click here.

Botox Cosmetic on the other hand,  can be used to relieve symptoms of TMJ disorders and headaches, in addition to its known cosmetic uses. Botox can be administered to areas of the face in order to achieve a more youthful look and can eliminate years of lines from frowning and squinting.   Botox is a very safe treatment to reduce or eliminate moderate to severe lines between your forehead and your eyes without surgery.  For more information on Botox Cosmetic, please click here

We require all of our patients interested in pursuing Botox Cosmetic or Juvederm treatment to first schedule a consultation with Dr. Gruber to evaluate your needs and desires.  

To schedule a consultation appointment, call our office at 973-428-1515