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Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways. You might even be reading this on a smartphone or tablet. Modern advancements have also made the dentistry you need more efficient, accurate, and comfortable by using some of the latest equipment and tools to diagnose and treat dental conditions. 

At Gruber Dental, providing you with the latest that modern dentistry has to offer is a priority to us. We never let technology replace the personalized and gentle care we provide. Instead, we use it to complement the skills and experience of our family dentists.

Here are some of the ways we use technology to consistently provide you with outstanding, stress-free dentistry.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

When planning surgical or orthodontic procedures, having a 3-D view of the teeth and underlying structures can make treatment more accurate and predictable. Dental implants, for example, need to be precisely placed strategically in the bone for them to be successful. A flat image does not always tell the full story.

Rather than referring you to a specialist for this type of advanced image, we offer 3-D cone beam radiography right here in our Parsippany dental office.

Intraoral Camera

Have you ever tried to look inside your own mouth to see what your dentist is talking about? It’s a little tricky! But with an intraoral camera, you can see exactly what your dentist sees. That means that conditions such as gum recession, fractured teeth, broken fillings, and worn down teeth are visible right on your treatment room monitor for you to discuss with your dentist.

We take intraoral pictures using a small, pen-sized camera. Seeing what’s happening in your mouth is one of the most educational tools that our Parsippany dental office offers. You and your dentist can talk about treatment options together. You can ask questions too. Knowledge helps you make the wisest decision that works best for you.

Movie Goggles

Life is busy and scraping out a few minutes for yourself to relax can be tricky, especially for today’s busy professionals and parents. We want you to kick back, relax, and enjoy your time with us. Our patients love our movie goggles; you can watch your favorite Netflix program while we take care of your smile.

Spectra Caries Detection

Certain types of light can reveal areas of decay that are not visible to the naked eye. Spectra caries detection uses luminescence to identify softer tooth structure, which means a cavity. Not only can we see the cavity, but Spectra also tells us with accuracy how deep the decay is, making it easier to plan for treatment.

Digital Impressions

Have you ever had to have impressions and the gooey paste dribbles down the back of your throat? It’s no fun for you and we don’t like to make our patients feel uncomfortable.

Digital impressions eliminate the need for old-fashioned dental impressions for most situations, so you can simply open wide and we scan your teeth and bite, which produces an accurate image.

Panoramic X-Rays

Bitewing x-rays take a picture of a few teeth at once to help your dentist diagnose decay, fractures, and irregularities. Panoramic x-rays show the full smile, including bone, jaw joints, sinuses, and can be useful for planning extractions, placing dental implants, and evaluating the jaws.

VELscope Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a particularly aggressive and dangerous form of cancer that often goes undetected. This is why oral cancer screenings with your Parsippany dentist are so important. VELscope uses special lighting to show any pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions even before they are visible to the naked eye alone.

As with all cancers, those that are detected early give you the best prognosis. This is why we recommend that edentulous (without teeth) patients still maintain their annual exams. 

If you drink alcohol or smoke, you might have an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Let us know so we can help you stay healthy through regular oral cancer screenings.

Sedation Dentistry

For patients who are fearful about their dental appointments, or who want to be able to have multiple procedures completed at once, sedation dentistry offers a stress-free option. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation, depending on your needs. Sedation dentistry is a popular choice for our Parsippany patients who:

  • Feel stress or anxiety at the dentist
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have difficulty sitting still for long appointments
  • Want to accomplish full-mouth or quadrant dentistry comfortably

If you think you could benefit from either nitrous oxide sedation or oral conscious sedation, please contact our Parsippany dental office for a consultation.

Rotary Endodontics

Just a few years ago, it was common to use manual instruments to perform root canals. At Gruber Dental, we have implemented the latest rotary instruments to make the process faster and more successful. A small titanium tip will gently clean the infection from inside the tooth and polish the inside of the canal, which makes your pain go away and can save your tooth!

Digital Dental X-rays

Digital x-rays help our dentists diagnose oral health conditions before they worsen into serious issues. Digital dental x-rays appear immediately on the treatment room monitors for you to discuss with your dentist. 

In addition to bitewing x-rays, we also have a panoramic x-ray that takes a picture of the full smile with an x-ray unit that moves around your head.

Digital dental x-rays are lower in radiation and better for the environment!

Laser Dentistry

Gum surgeries are far more accurate using laser light energy. Not only that, but the laser eliminates the need for stitches and promotes faster healing! 

Laser dentistry is beneficial for treating periodontal disease, gum re-contouring, preparing for restorations like crowns and veneers, and even shortening the healing times for cold sores and canker sores.

Because the laser seals the gums as it reshapes them, there is little bleeding or discomfort involved.

CEREC Crowns

Traditional dental crowns take two to three visits to complete. At the first appointments, we prepare the tooth, the second one is for your permanent crown, and often we might need a final appointment to make any bite adjustments. 

With CEREC technology, you can have your dental crown in a single office visit while you wait. We use digital impressions and CAD/CAM technology to design a custom dental crown in our in-office milling machine. Your dentist will put the final artistic flourishes on the crown, making sure that it matches your natural teeth.

In some cases, we may recommend a porcelain fused to metal crown or even a full gold crown for back teeth that absorb the force of chewing. We will discuss the correct type of crown for you when you come into our Parsippany dental office for your exam.

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