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Oral Surgery - Extractions/Bone Grafts/Frenectomies

Sometimes it becomes necessary to extract a tooth for a variety of reasons. Extractions are commonly performed in cases where a primary “baby” tooth is reluctant to fall out, a severely broken down and non-restorable tooth is present, or “wisdom tooth” is poorly positioned and unable to fully erupt into place.

To put patients at ease, whenever a tooth extraction is necessary, the procedure, the post surgical instructions, as well as any restorative follow-up care, will be carefully and completely explained.

In most cases, immediately following the extraction of the tooth, except for primary teeth and wisdom teeth, your doctor will advise the placement of a “socket preservation” bone graft that is placed into the extraction socket once the tooth is removed. The purpose of this bone graft is to help prevent complications associated with ridge resorption following the extraction. This ridge resorption can make placing an implant in the future more complicated, may cause a cosmetic defect, or even a large ridge depression. This is why it is also important to place a bone graft in an area where a bridge is going to be placed instead of an implant.

Frenectomy is a surgical procedure to release the connective tissue “frenum.” Typically there are two types of oral frenectomies performed for adults and children. Labial frenectomies are performed on the tissue connecting the lip to the gums usually to aid with orthodontics or to help with the proper fit of dentures. Lingual frenectomies are commonly referred to as “tongue-ties” This procedure releases the connective tissue under the tongue attached to the gums. This can help babies that are having difficulty nursing. Lingual frenectomies are also performed with toddlers, teens, and adults that may be having speech issues related to limited tongue mobility.

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362 Parsippany Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
(973) 428-1515